Tequila Bar

Having 80+ Tequilas on the bar presents a personal challenge - how to try them all. After all -owning a Tequila bar comes with a responsibility. We should be able to speak with intelligence about each and every bottle. We are professionals, industry veterans and "tasting" goes with the job description. Food, Cocktails, Beer - it's all in a day's work. Ever go to a wine tasting? Now, try it with Tequila. Intelligence makes a hasty exit.

The process always begins innocently enough. How to begin? Blanco? Reposado? Anejo? Or, perhaps by family; Don Julio, Gran Centanario, Herradura? Now, let's try finish; Soft, Balanced or Angry? At least we don't have to worry about origin - luckily it all comes fron the same damn place. Anyway, we never seem to get very far -usually succumbing to our default method - the bottom shelf closest to the right.

So when we say "Please ask your server for a recommendation" what we are really saying is "Please don't ask me". And don't get us started on the Mezcal...that's a whole other story altogether.

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