I'm the gringo in the company. In the 7th grade "Esta Susanna en casa?" was a triumph. Only problem now is that we never had (or ever will) have a Susan in the house. The closest we come is Isabella - our Guac girl. The guys are named Joaquian,  Irvin, Eduardo, Chiquita, Santiago,Sergio, Hector,Diego  and Memo. They are the Cocineros - "the cooks" and they make the food happen. They use terms like Plancha, Horno, Asada and a few others I'm better off not knowing. Sometimes I join their conversations and nod my head like I understand - Seguro.

Everything they do they do from scratch - Soups, Sauces and Salsa's are constantly in motion. Avocados, limes, Tomatillo's and Cilantro are the lifeblood of our kitchen. And then there's the Cochinita (co-chin-eeta) "little pig" - all day & every day. Marinating, Braising, Roasting and Stewing before showing up in your Taco, Torta, Arepa, Burrito, Paella and maybe your coffee too.

We also use about 50 types of peppers - some dried, some not. Habanero, Jalapeno, Chile de Arbol, Poblano, Serrano & Passilla. But the majority of our dishes are not spicy - why? Choosing the right pepper brings depth and just the right amount of warmth to our dishes. This is the true art & soul of Mexican cooking. Of course we turn up the heat now and then for you fire eaters out there.

What's my favorite meal? Not an easy question. First timers should start with our hand slapped Guacamole, An Arepa or Ceviche and then some Tacos. Don't forget the Brussels Sprouts - amazing. Repeat offenders go for the Camarones, Paella, Bistec or "order the board" - our weekly selection of specials.

And then there's brunch...